Re: Should Publishers Offer Free-Access Services?

From: Franck Ramus <f.ramus_at_UCL.AC.UK>
Date: Fri, 5 May 2000 17:51:00 +0100

> Authors can have exactly the same benefit for free by simply
> self-archiving their refereed, final drafts online in an Open Archive.

it's not exactly the same benefit, since what authors can archive is their ugly-looking unreadable preprint. the 'official reprint' represents some actual work by the publisher and deserves payment. this should not of course preclude self-archiving of authors' preprints...

since the ideal model advocated by Harnad includes authors paying page charges, i think it's pretty equivalent if the publisher sells them the 'official reprint' instead.
ultimately it would perhaps even be more convenient to have journals entirely financed through optional 'official reprints' charges, rather than through compulsory page charges. indeed, in the compulsory page charge model, poor authors/institutions would have trouble publishing. in the optional reprint charge model, well-funded authors/institutions would pay for the publication costs of everyone, and get a valuable reprint service in return.

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