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+ Editorial Director for Medicine appointed
+ Sir Richard Peto joins editorial board
+ Biology and medicine take a lesson in physics
+ May feedback competition winner
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+ Submit your research article today

Submit your research article to BioMed Central today to
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+ Your research submission will receive full peer
+ Accepted research will be published quickly on-line,
with immediate listing in PubMed and availability
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however you see fit
+ Your research will be freely accessible to all
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more information on how to submit an article or
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+ Editorial Director for Medicine appointed

BioMed Central has appointed Dr Fiona Godlee as
Editorial Director for the medical content, services
and activities of the site. Fiona joins BioMed Central
from the British Medical Journal publishing group,
where she was a strong advocate for developing peer
review in health sciences. Fiona led the BMJ's peer-
review research program, is co-editor of "Peer Review
in Health Sciences" and is President of the World
Association of Medical Editors (

"The time is right and the technology is available for
the power balance to be shifted from the publishers
back to researchers and clinicians," says Fiona.
"BioMed Central will help open the 'black box' of peer
review and will make the processes by which science is
judged more transparent and accountable".

Fiona can be contacted on


+ Sir Richard Peto joins editorial directorate

Professor Sir Richard Peto has joined the editorial
directorate for BioMed Central. Richard Peto is
professor of medical statistics and epidemiology at the
University of Oxford, where he and his colleagues run
many of the largest randomised trials and
epidemiological studies in the world. For the past 30
years he has worked in Oxford with Sir Richard Doll on
the effects of smoking in developed countries, and for
the past 10 years he has worked with Alan Lopez at the
World Health Organization in Geneva on the current and,
particularly, the future worldwide effects of current
smoking patterns. He was elected a Fellow of the Royal
Society of London (for introducing meta-analyses of
trials, particularly in breast cancer treatment) in
1989, and was knighted (for services to epidemiology
and to cancer prevention) in 1999.

The names of the entire BMC Editorial Directorate can
be found at:


+ Biology and medicine take a lesson in physics

Dr Paul Ginsparg, from the Los Alamos National
Laboratory will be joining Dr Harold Varmus in giving a
keynote presentation at the Freedom of Information
conference next month

Dr Ginsparg was responsible for developing the world's
first electronic pre-print archive and is today very
active in debates about the prospects and problems of
electronic scientific publishing.

The full conference programme is now available online
at the above address. There are a few places still
available for the conference which will take place on
6-7 July at the New York Academy of Medicine, New York,
USA. To make sure of your place at the conference, go
to to
register. You will need to be quick!


+ May feedback competition winner

The winner of the May feedback competition is David
Geter from the Gulf Coast Research Laboratory, USA.
Every month we give a Handspring Visor Deluxe to the
feedback judged to be the most useful in developing the
site for the needs of the biomedical community.
David's feedback on linking information on products
cited in articles to details on how to purchase the
products makes him the winner. We are always looking
for new ideas on how to develop the site, if you have a
good idea send it to us at and
you could win the June competition.


+ BMC in the news...

BioMed Central boosted by editorial board
The idea that primary scientific literature should be
available online free of charge gained heavyweight
support this week, when ten prominent biomedical
scientists agreed to join the editorial board that
advises on BioMed Central's overall goals
By Declan Butler
(subscription required)

The Lancet
The May 22 launch of BioMed Central, an initiative by
the UK's Current Science Group (CSG), has catalyzed the
debate surrounding online scientific journals. BioMed
Central aims to publish peer-reviewed, online-only
biomedical journals. The online journals will permit
authors to retain copyright of their work; this is in
contrast to print journals, which retain copyright for
themselves and thus benefit from sales of article
By Marilynn Larkin
(subscription required)

The Financial Times
Farewell at last to reports on dusty library shelves
Many scientific research publications face a dilemma as
they search for an internet business model while
defending the traditional model of print-on-paper.
>From this month, a range of scientific papers will be
published solely in electronic format by BioMed
Central, the first internet-only scientific publishing
By Nuala Moran

USA Today
Hot New Site


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Freedom of Information:
The Impact of Open Access on Biomedical Science
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5-8 November 2000
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New Orleans, LA, USA

5-8 December 2000
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