Re: Incentives

From: Joshua Lederberg <>
Date: Mon, 10 Jul 2000 18:17:22 +0100

Dear Steve

You well know I have been a fan (alongside of you) of self-archiving
from the beginning of these discussions.

So, speaking of which, have you set up a website for this discourse
that I can rely upon for future access to trace the history of the

And not too far off the subject, have you seen:

(a not typical example, but who else has 55 years worth of papers?)

All my works have been scanned, and will be posted as soon as
permissions can be procured, or fair use doctrine clarified.

I have generally been successful either in getting permission ex post
facto, or anticipating that as a qualifier when I sign my copyright
assignments. But I'm not a tenure-seeking first-timer 'fraid to
take any chances about having my papers accepted for "publication".

I think institutions will have to play some role in peer-review
(mostly ex post factor) of "self"-archivings.

For better or worse I chair the external advisory group to

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