Re: Legal ways around copyright for one's own giveaway texts

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i will give this a try having watched the fray from an interested sidepost

try not to confuse legal status with general ethical policies and individual
journal policies and practices
the author(s) owns copyright until granting it to another even up until the
actual publication time
an author can publish something as original only once(technical or
non-technical) ever after it becomes a secondary or derivative or
duplicative or"redundant" or self-plagiarism type of publication all of
which are alright if agreed to in advance by the authors editors
(?publishers) and the readers are so informed
the Inglefinger rule has been retired for many years it was replaced by
the policies of the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors
(the so-called Vancouver Group) to whose Uniform Requirements the
correspondents are referred for details
electronic publication is publication of course
many journals in different(or even the same) fields have different policies
the World Association of Medical Editors(WAME) is another good place for this
kind of discussion

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Subject: Re: Legal ways around copyright for one's own giveaway texts

Does anybody know what is the legal status of preprinting a paper as
a technical report? It is a frequent practice in academic departments
to distribute not-yet-published articles as technical reports and I
have never heard of problems when the same papers are submitted to
refereed journals. Technical reports can be distributed and archived,
and often have the same identical content as the submitted paper.

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