Re: The July 6-7 NYAM "Freedom of Information" Meeting

From: John Peel <john_at_BIOMEDCENTRAL.COM>
Date: Thu, 20 Jul 2000 05:55:47 -0400

Stevan, you said:

'Hence the very same desideratum that Pieter was explicitly endorsing --
full access for every researcher to every journal -- can be met another
way: through open archiving by every researcher.'

I don't claim to speak for Pieter but I'm pretty sure he was NOT endorsing
an open archive. What he did endorse was a paid-for distributed network,
the CrossRef model, but it he didn't say anything about it being open. In
his view publishers would still retain the copyright to the work and they
would still set tariffs if they chose to. I inferred from what he said that
they would also oppose self-archiving. Perhaps we could call on Pieter to
clarify that position?
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