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> But in the USA thirty or so years ago an effort was made to
organise a
> preprint exchange, which really did distribute paper (photo)copies of
> as-yet unaccepted typescripts. It eventually collapsed for two reasons:
> many scientists objected to the distribution of non-refereed material as
> debasing the currency; and the costs involved, especially postage costs
> pritned materials in large quantity, became too high. I think there was
> also a feeling that it created a privileged class of people who were on
> mailing list, leaving others unable to get hold of the material so early.
> Yours, Fytton.
Specifically, this was an activity of NIH to foster communication between
grantees working in a common area. As I recall, it failed because it turned
out to be politically impossible to keep the distribution to a chosen group.
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