From: Robert Tansley <>
Date: Tue, 12 Sep 2000 14:42:53 +0100

Chris Armstrong <> wrote:

> My final worry (!):
> >From <>:
> >1.Decide a maximal set of metadata fields that should be
> >stored (for example, "authors", "title", "journal",
> >"journal volume", etc.)
> >...
> >3.For each EPrint type, decide which metadata fields
> >should be stored for EPrints of that type, and which of
> >those fields are mandatory.
> The archive administrator can leave out
> "quality-verifying" metadata.
> Is there a metadata element that specifies a date on
> which the archived paper is superseded (by a new version,
> the formally published version, etc)?
> I always feel that browsers should have a user-switchable
> window that shows the metadata so that they are aware of
> crucial facts that may not be printed in the body of the
> paper (like "there is a more recent corrected version
> available").

Whenever you reach the abstract page of a paper of which there is a
newer version in the archive, this is clearly indicated on the
abstract page. It isn't really possible to insert this information into
the body of the paper itself.

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