Re: The Number of Times a Scientific Article is Read

From: Andrew Odlyzko <>
Date: Tue, 3 Oct 2000 10:21:07 +0100

From: Andrew Odlyzko <>
To: Ian Hickman <>

I was intrigued by your estimates for arXiv usage (posted to
the SEPTEMBER98-FORUM by Stevan Harnad, along with the response
from Donal King and Carol Tenopir. In my paper, "The rapid
evolution of scholarly communication," available at


I have estimates (pp. 11-12) that for the main Los Alamos
arXiv server, a paper gets downloaded an average of 150 times
during the first year, and 20-30 times per year in subsequent
years. If the Southampton statistics are different, that
would be very interesting in itself.

Andrew Odlyzko
AT&T Labs - Research voice: 973-360-8410 fax: 973-360-8178

From: Ian Hickman <>
The calculations that I performed are detailed here:
Ian Hickman,
Department of Electonics and Computer Science,
University of Southampton.
From: Andrew Odlyzko <>
Thank you very much for the pointer to your calculations.  I have
usually been assuming that the main  Los Alamos arXiv server gets
about half of the traffic, which would translate my estimates into
a typical paper being downloaded 300 times in the first year after
posting, and 40-60 times per year in subsequent years.  Since
you did not take the effect of decreasing usage with time into
account, your computations are pretty consistent with mine.
Andrew Odlyzko
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