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Date: Tue, 3 Oct 2000 15:55:25 +0100

Dear Stevan,

Thank you very much for your detailed comments. We would be happy for you to
use them in a discussion. However, I would first like to clarify a few
points regarding our policies, which we hope you would also add into the

In general, we do agree with your comments. But this is not an ideal world.
The reason we give authors the option to use LitLink is to encourage
submissions in the early phases of the project. Also, the ability to
redirect to the published article is indeed optional. We hope that after a
year or so, chemistry publishers will follow suit with those in physics and
not restrict the post-publication of preprints in their journals. This is
the mindset that we are hoping to change. In doing so, we would very much
like to see preprints that have been published remain accessible on the
server. Hopefully, chemistry authors, like those in physics, will soon
change their mentality too.

It should be noted that we are also working towards a permanently (and
freely) accessible archive. The CPS has applied to be recognised as a
compliant data provider by the Open Archives Initiative by complying with
the Sante Fe Convention. We hope that our archive will soon be indexed and
"harvestable" by other preprint servers.

We were indeed interested to learn about the Harnad/Oppenheim strategy. This
may need some thought on our behalf!

Once again, thank you for your comments and Bryan sends his best wishes.

Best regards,


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