New York Times article on serials crisis and publisher mergers

From: Barry Markovitz <markovitz_at_KIDS.WUSTL.EDU>
Date: Fri, 3 Nov 2000 23:43:39 -0600

The New York Times today reported about the serials crisis in
scholarly libraries and the implications of Bertelsmann buying
Harcourt. There is certainly cause for concern that fewer and fewer
publishers has and will result in higher and higher prices. One or
two paragraphs mentioned the lunacy of the journals getting their
material for free and the peer reviewers as well.

Of course this was in the Business section, written (in my opinion)
with the slant that the merger might be in danger (and therefore
"business" is in danger) because of anti-trust fears. It seems that
librarians around the world are speaking up. Now if only the
researchers themselves would take notice.

There was a fleeting reference to "publishing" without the jounals.
No mention of the eprint project.

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