Re: Self-Archiving and the reaction of publishers

From: Bernard Naylor <B.Naylor_at_SOTON.AC.UK>
Date: Tue, 7 Nov 2000 16:20:56 +0000

Yes; I think that this is publication. And I think that
what happens when someone puts an article on an
e-repository, whether refereed or not, is so similar to
what you describe that it falls into the same category, if
categories is what we are talking about.

Bernard Naylor

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> Actually, copyright exists in the same force for items not published as for
> items published. The only difference really exists in the sense that sales
> can be hurt for commercially published materials. However, if someone
> violates your copyright by publishing a work that you had written, since you
> own the copyright for this without having it registered or not, you have all
> legal avenues available to redress your grievance.
> Publishing is another matter. That is, we are beginning a new e-only line of
> scholarly books (see These books will be available
> digitally, will have ISBNs, will be published under our imprint, and will be
> available for distribution. I imagine that this is publication? No?
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> For the avoidance of any doubt (I hope!), let me make it clear. Writing
> something down on one piece of paper is not publishing it, in any
> sense. Stevan Harnad seems to be implying that because there is
> copyright in a statement, that means it is published. Not so. The
> concept of copyright can exist entirely independently of whether
> something is published and does so exist in many, many millions of
> instances. The extent and limits of copyright are different for
> something that is published, compared with the extent and limits of
> copyright for something that isn't.
> Bernard Naylor

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