Re: UK "RAE" Evaluations

From: Cliff McKnight <C.Mcknight_at_LBORO.AC.UK>
Date: Tue, 21 Nov 2000 18:03:07 +0000

It sounds as though the Chemistry panel is being backward in this. The
recommendation of the Follett Report was that /refereed/ electronic
journals be afforded the same status as the refereed paper journals.
Certainly the panel to which I'm submitted (Library and Information
Management) has said that refereed electronic journal articles will be
acceptable. What's more, I'll be submitting one, from a journal which
has no paper version, the Journal of Digital Information

Cliff McKnight
Department of Information Science
Loughborough University, UK

> The UK runs "Research assessment exercises" in subject disciplines
> periodically. Ours (Chemistry) is coming up shortly.
> I enquired what the status of my "e-only" work might be.
> The answer, approximately, was that if it does not carry a page
> number, its not a journal.
> Publication in "journals" is of course one way in which
> my particular discipline judges quality and international
> significance.
> As the editor of four "e-print" conference in chemistry,
> archived as four CDROMs "without page numbers",
> I infer (to be confirmed) that none of this counts towards the
> RAE, or at least not at the same level as "page numbers".
> As it happens, I have hedged my bets, and published, hopefully
> adequately, in journals that DO carry page numbers. But if
> ones tenure, or future, were to depend on "page numbers",
> it could be a worrying period for some.
> If push came to shove, and someone were "shoved" because
> their "page numbers" were inadequate, I wonder if that could
> be tested legally, and whether the "e-print" would prevail?
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