Re: The preprint is the postprint

From: David Goodman <dgoodman_at_PRINCETON.EDU>
Date: Fri, 1 Dec 2000 13:55:47 -0400

Steve, I am sure you know perfectly well that there are more choices than

> (i) that preprint quality and usability would stay at its current level if there were no
> peer review OR
> (ii) that a hypothetical post-hoc "open 'peer' feedback" (by the
> readers and users of the Archive) could substitute for the
> quality-control function currently exerted by peer review.

For example, there are peer-reviewed virtual journals, commercial or
non-commercial, or any one of a number of arrangements that have been amd
will be devised.

I also see no reason to doubt that those (includinging of course yourself) who
have devised the current archives sturucture, and the current A&I systems,
will be well up to the challenge of finding ways for

> navigating, ... systematically evaluating and sign-posting a
> an unfiltered and unconstrained literature

I further suggest that what is holding back the wider adoption of these
systems is not just

> uncertain speculations

but the refusal of proponents of the various schemes to accept the possiblity
that others may have equally good ideas, and that judging by what

> sounds quite speculative, not to mention subjective, to me...

is not a sufficient criterion.

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