What percentage of preprints is never accepted for publication?

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> what about the articles which are simply rejected?
> I have heard that this could amount to 40% of the submitted articles in
> some biology periodicals.

According to Stephen Lock, former editor of the British Medical
Journal, virtually all biomedical papers are eventually published,
somewhere in the mid-80's. Have these figures changes in the ensuing 15

    Harnad, S. (1986) Policing the Paper Chase. (Review of S. Lock, A
    difficult balance: Peer review in biomedical publication.) Nature
    322: 24 - 5.

> Will these pre-prints stay in an archive?

In general, I cannot see why they should not. Grown-up users are
capable of distinguishing between unrefereed reprints and refereed

Biomedical papers that might be potentially dangerous to public health
are another matter, but I think there will be ways to handle those as
a special case.

    Harnad, S. (2000) E-Knowledge: Freeing the Refereed Journal Corpus
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