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From: George Lundberg <GLundberg_at_MEDSCAPEINC.COM>
Date: Wed, 6 Dec 2000 15:58:34 -0500

large numbers of papers submitted to biomedical journals are of insufficient
quality to appear (either at all or in the form in which they were
originally submitted/rejected)in any "good" journal
i am not at all sure that Stephen Lock's frequently quoted 1984 number bears
any relation to current experiences
At JAMA for my 17 years we rejected roughly 85% of all articles received
many did appear in other journals
but a huge number seemed to simply disappear
We believed that was a good thing i do not know of any recent study that
hangs credible numbers on those observations
But i believe that the notion of posting "all" those that disappeared in
some kind of unfiltered pre-print archive for the world to see would be a
ridiculous waste of time and other resources and could seriously mislead

george lundberg

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Steve and Greg,

What strikes me is that you are talking about pre-prints which in all
cases seem to be of high quality. But what about the articles which are
simply rejected?

I have heard that this could amount to 40% of the submitted articles in
some biology periodicals.

These periodicals are not in the upper level of the scale, therefore
articles are not rejected because there are a lot of other better
publications submitted. They are rejected because they are not of
sufficient quality to be published at all.

Will these pre-prints stay in an archive?

Helene Bosc
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