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From: Jamie Humphrey <humphreyj_at_RSC.ORG>
Date: Thu, 7 Dec 2000 09:19:54 -0500

Following the recent postings to this list concerning RAE 2001, I thought
that I would consult the RAE 2001 website (

1) Regarding the importance or not of the impact factors of journals, the
following is stated:
Is there a hierarchical list which attributes weight to published research
according to the place of publication?
No. While panels may take into consideration the degree of peer-review an
item of research output may have before publication, no panel may take the
absence of peer-review as meaning a lack of quality within any given item
of research output. Hierarchical lists of weightings are not used in the
assessment process. Panel members form judgements on all the evidence
presented in the round, with a full awareness of the wider context in which
they are assessing output.

2) The types of 'output' which may be submitted in the RAE 2001 are listed
as (clearly including online publications, which often do not have page

Authored book, Software, Composition, Edited book, Report for external
body, Design, Chapter in book, Confidential report for external body,
Exhibition, Journal article, Internet publication, Artefact, Conference
contribution, Internet publication (via subscription only), Scholarly
edition, Patent/ published patent application, Performance and 'Other form
of assessable output'.

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