Re: Evaluation of preprint/postprint servers

From: Thomas Krichel <t.krichel_at_SURREY.AC.UK>
Date: Thu, 14 Dec 2000 09:43:29 +0900

  Jim Till writes

> So, should one criterion for the evaluation of the quality of preprint/
> postprint servers be the existence of (as a minimum) a "filtering system"
> analogous to the one described by Greg?

  Yes. But it may not be done at the archive level, but rather at
  the issuing institution level. Within the RePEc system, (almost all)
  archives are operated by institutions, be they University departments,
  or public bodies like the Federal Reserve Boards, the IMF and others.
  They simply continue the tradition---inherited from the print era---of
  issuing free publications. In the amount of crackpot material in these
  archives is nil.

  When a new RePEc archive is opened, we check the affiliation of the
  person who requests an archive. If she is working for a recognized
  institution, then we allow them to go ahead. From our experience
  that eliminates the need for further screening.


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