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From: Greg Kuperberg <greg_at_MATH.UCDAVIS.EDU>
Date: Wed, 24 Jan 2001 12:22:55 -0800

On Tue, Jan 23, 2001 at 09:42:13PM -0500, Albert Henderson wrote:
> Thank you for asking. You will find them in ELECTRONIC
> DATABASES AND PUBLISHING (Transaction 1997 ISBN 1-56000-967-5)
> which I compiled from articles that I edited in PUBLISHING
> RESEARCH QUARTERLY. The most interesting summary statistics
> are to be found in the article by Richard Kaser of NFAIS.

Entirely apart from whether or not I agree with you, it's not convenient
for me to read any of your articles in the form that you publish them.
Some UC campuses have PRQ, but UC Davis cancelled its subscription in
1994. It does subscribe to Society magazine, but I haven't been to the
library in months because the Internet is more convenient. It's hardly
worth it for me to to bicycle to the library, walk through the aisles,
and then bicycle back, which takes about a half hour, just for a single
article that I might skim for 15 minutes. The UC card catalog mentions an
on-line version of Society, but only Riverside subscribes, and the URL
seems to be broken anyway. I found another on-line avenue to Society
with some non-trivial detective work, but it doesn't have your article
yet and gaining access is complicated. Your book, *Electronic databases
and publishing*, is also in the UC card catalog, but it isn't at the
Davis campus either.

In my opinion, the inadvertent self-censorship of the conservatives is
as convincing as any direct argument that information wants to be free.
Stevan and I may disagree strongly on how to best "liberate" the scholarly
literature. But in keeping with our common ground, everything that we
have written lately is freely available on the Internet. More people
would read you if you followed our example.
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