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From: Simon Buckingham Shum <S.Buckingham.Shum_at_OPEN.AC.UK>
Date: Fri, 26 Jan 2001 11:43:23 +0000
Re: ePrint Repositories
At 9:39 am +0000 26/1/01, Catherine Candee wrote:
(3) The first three repositories are being made available ...and distinct peer-reviewed scholarly products will be drawn from or associated with them.

I assume that this means peer reviewed publications as a quality-controlled overlay on the raw ePrint archive, as opposed to 'software products' for conducting/managing peer review?

At 10:28 am +0000 26/1/01, Stevan Harnad wrote:
There are some ongoing experiments with "open review," where it is
self-appointed commentators' feedback that is being used to validate
preprints, but these experiments are far too small, and it is far too
early, to judge whether they have been successful in generating papers
of quality and useability anywhere comparable to those generated by
undergoing classical peer review.

Two responses to the above points, on [1] process, and [2] infrastructure to enable it.


We have developed a web-mediated, hybrid eJournal review process which is more Open than some Open models.

Reviewers are:

- APPOINTED (for their expertise and commitment to review the submission)
- NAMED (though they can post anonymously)
- and ANSWERABLE (encouraged to discuss a submission with
  EACH OTHER and AUTHORS, who are relieved to have the RIGHT OF REPLY)
- this is initially a PRIVATE forum

If it clears this phase, the submission is added to the main journal website as a PrePrint Under Review, and goes into:

- PUBLIC open peer review, announced to relevant communities,
  inviting them to view the discussion, and contribute their own insights.

You can see how this has been implemented in Jnl. Interactive Media in Education:

Reflections on this action research experiment can be found at:


The above is only possible with web publishing support. Our "Digital Document Discourse Environment" (D3E) [] implements peer review forums tightly linked to a document, and we are moving slowly towards a version for free distribution. We will be discussing potential convergence with OAI at the March workshop on OAI and Peer Review Journals [].

Anyone wishing to receive future D3E announcements is welcome to drop us a line.


Simon & Tammy

Tamara Sumner
   Center for LifeLong Learning & Design & Dept. Computer Science
   University of Colorado at Boulder, U.S.A.
Simon Buckingham Shum
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