Re: Survey: How many refereed journals can your library NOT afford?

From: Steve Hitchcock <sh94r_at_ECS.SOTON.AC.UK>
Date: Fri, 2 Feb 2001 10:51:17 +0000

I guess Kent Mulliner of Ohio University Libraries doesn't follow this
forum, but he has given some figures of interest to this thread in the
latest Serials Pricing Newsletter

>Having offered, via OhioLINK, the
>Elsevier, Academic Press (AP), and other packages for a number of
>years, I have access to detailed statistics on use.
>These statistics reveal that of 2,252 titles used 7/99-6/2000, we
>had subscriptions to only 21%. Titles tracked are from Elsevier,
>AP, Kluwer, Wiley, MCB, Springer-Verlag, American Physical Society,
>and IOP. And of 36,670 articles downloaded, we had subscriptions to
>titles offering only 42%.

To see the full item NOSPI's most up-to-date site is
although it may not have the current issue yet.

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