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From: Nathalie Renaut <nathalie.renaut_at_AUF-FRANCOPHONIE.ORG>
Date: Mon, 12 Feb 2001 17:10:35 +0100


I am really happy about this initiative. As some of you know, I strarted a
debate last week about a french translation. I will be happy to translate
the attached text in french. Mister Gutteridge, I will also send you the
matadata files that I have already translated in french.

I am available for any collaboration and I will be happy to contribute more
in the translation process.

I will send you the text in french as soon as I am done,


Nathalie Renaut

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De : September 1998 American Scientist Forum
Envoyé : vendredi 9 février 2001 18:11
Objet : Multilingualising OAI/ documentation and software

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Date: Fri, 9 Feb 2001 16:24:47 +0000
From: ePrints Support (Christopher Gutteridge) <>
Subject: Multiple language Support for Eprints. is beginning to gain some multi-language functionality.

I plan to have "language" files with all the phrases used by eprints in
them. I will maintain an English version, and arrange to make it as
easy as possible to create/maintain other languages - hopefully a
script to compare any language file with the english file and spot any
missing phrases etc.

It's time-consuming applying this change, but also easy. It will take a
while to get the whole code done.

The advantage of this method is that although each archive
will have a default language, a user could view the CGI scripts in any
language supported, using cookies or something!

I'm currently considering how to make the static pages support multiple
languages... I'm considering mod_rewrite using the same cookie. I think
static pages are a slightly different issue from the main code, as
people will want to customise those, and customising in more than one
language will be more than most people, especially anglocentric ones,
will want to do.

The other issue is the "help" in the metadata cfg section and various
blocks of english text in the site routines.

Some of may go from:

$EPrintsSite::SiteInfo::blurb = "This is some blurb only in english";


$EPrintsSite::SiteInfo::blurb{english} = "This is some blurb only in

With the option to add any language you support; how does this sound?

My main concern is not making any significant extra work to deploy for people who DON'T care about this issue.

Please see the attached file for an example of a language file - this
is only somewhere between 1/8 and 1/4 of the final length I'm

I'd be keen for some of you to at least have a go at translating some
of this so I've got some french (and other language) text to work with
(I'm afraid I am a monoglot). Also let me know if there is anything
good/bad about the way that I've organised it.

The file is organised by the file which uses the phrase. Eg.
Each line has a ID for the phrase eg:

H:thanks = Thank-you. Your paper named $(1) is now in the system.

"H" indicates that this will be displayed as HTML so &aacute; etc are
acceptable. Other types, "M" for example, will need different escaping
of such characters, or they may be altogether illegal.

Rather than split a sentence into two phrases, the system inserts data
into the points at $(1) $(2) etc...

Christopher Gutteridge
ePrints Technical Support


# English Language Phrases

# First letter donates use:
# H = HTML
# L = Log
# S = Mail Subject (or From) Line
# M = Mail Message
# F = HTML Form (Some characters maybe illegal! Don't use &eacute; escaping)

H:leastone = You need to specify something for at least one field!
F:any = any
F:all = all
H:mustfulfill = Retrieved records must fulfill $(1) of these conditions.
H:orderresults = Order the results: $(1)

<file update_ecs_users>
A:dude = Internationalisation Rocks.

H:unknowneprint = Unknown EPrint field $(1) in "$(2)"
H:na = N/A

H:dontknow = I don't know who you are
H:recfor = Record for $(1)
H:blurb = Please enter correct information about yourself for our records.
This information will be useful to us and readers of your papers. You don't
have to supply all this information if you don't want to; you need only fill
out those fields marked wi
th a * to start using the archive.
H:changeemail = For instructions on how to change your e-mail address,
H:clickhere = click here
H:formincorrect = The form doesn't seem to be filled out correctly:
H:completeform = Please complete the form before continuing.
H:problemupdating = There was a problem reading the posted data and updating
the database. Please try again later
H:usernotmatch = Username in form $(1) doesn't match object username $(2)

H:missedfield = You haven't filled out the required $(1) field.
S:weclome = Welcome to $(1)!
M:reminder = Dear $(1) User,\n\n$(2)Your username and password for the site
are:\n\nUser name: $(3)\nPassword: $(4)\n\nIf you didn't expect this
e-mail, please contact the site\nadministrator at:\n\n$(5)\n
S:remindersub = Your username and password
S:newuser = New $(1) User
S:newstaff = New $(1) Staff

H:sendupdates = Send updates: $(1)
M:weekly = weekly
M:daily = daily
M:monthly = monthly
L:notopenrec = Couldn't open user record for user $(1) (sub ID $(2))
M:blurb = This mail contains your $(1) subscription to $(2).\n\nTo cancel,
temporarily disable or alter your subscription,\nvisit the following Web
page:\n\n $(3)\n\n
M:newsub = One new submission was received.
M:newsubs = $(1) new submissions were received.
S:subsubj = Subscription
L:failsend = Failed to send subscription to user $(1): $(2)

L:dberr = Database Error: $(1)
H:useautharea = Use your author area to deposit new documents
L:errclone = Error cloning EPrint $(1): $(2)
H:uploadprob = There was a problem uploading your file(s). Please try again.
L:removeerror = DB Error removing EPrint $(1): $(2)
H:seltype = Please select the most appropriate type for your deposit.
H:bibinfo = Please enter the bibliographic data about your deposit. Fields
marked with a * are fields that must be filled out before your deposit will
be accepted.
H:verify = Verify:
H:invaleprint = ID $(1) is not a valid EPrint ID!
H:validformats = Here are the available upload formats, and how many files
you have uploaded for each.
H:leastone = You must upload at least one of the formats listed in bold.
F:plain = Plain Files
F:graburl = From an Existing Web Site
H:fixupload = The document upload can't be completed because:
H:pleasefix = Please fix this before continuing.
H:nofiles = No files have been uploaded for this format.
H:heretoview = Click here to view and verify the uploaded files
H:selfirst = You need to select the file that should be shown first when a
reader wishes to view your deposit.
H:filesforformat= These are the files you have uploaded for this format.
H:fileupmethod = File upload method:
H:plainonly = (Plain files only)
H:numfiles = Number of files to upload:
H:enterurl = Please enter the URL of the document you wish to upload to the
archive in the box below.
H:urlwarning = Occasionally, uploading this way may not produce a totally
accurate copy. This is because some assumptions about the structure of the
HTML must be made, to stop the software from trying to upload the whole
World-Wide Web!
H:entercompfile = Enter the filename (with full path) of the compressed file
in the box below.
H:enterfile = Please enter the filename (with full path) of the document
file in the box below.
H:enterfiles = Please enter the filenames (with full paths) of the document
files in the boxes below.
H:fixprobs = Before you deposit this entry to the archive, the following
problems need to be corrected:
H:pleaseverify = Please verify that all of the details about your deposit
are correct, and that all necessary document files have been correctly
uploaded including any figures.
H:thanks = Thank you.
H:inbuffer = Your document is now held in the deposit buffer. Provided there
are no problems it should appear in the main archive within the next few
H:retdeppage = Click here to return to your deposit papers page
H:suredelete = Are you absolutely sure you want to delete this entry?
H:filledwrong = The form doesn't seem to be filled out correctly:
H:pleasecomplete= Please complete the form before continuing.
L:idnotmatch = EPrint ID in form >$(1)< doesn't match object id $(2)
H:filename = Filename
H:sizebytes = Size (Bytes)
H:shownfirst = Shown First
F:showfirst = Show first
F:action_new = Nouvou
F:action_delete = Delete
F:action_edit = Edit
F:action_next = Néxt >
F:action_prev = < Back
F:action_submit = Deposit
F:action_cancel = Cancel
F:action_confirm= Confirm
F:action_clone = Clone
F:action_uploadedit = Upload/Edit >
F:action_finished = Finished
F:action_upload = Upload >
F:action_verify = Verify ID's
H:title_type = Deposit Type
H:title_meta = Bibliographic Information
H:title_subject = Subject Categories
H:title_linking = Succession/Commentary
H:title_format = Document Storage Formats
H:title_fileview = Document File Upload
H:title_upload = Document File Upload
H:title_verify = Deposit Verification
H:title_done = Completed Deposit
H:title_error = Error
H:title_return = Return to Author's Home
H:title_confirmdel = Confirm Deletion
H:corrupt_err = An inconsistency in the posted data was detected. Usually
this is caused by arriving directly to this page from a bookmark and not
from your paper depositing page, or through using the browser's
back/forwards or reload buttons. Always acce
ss the depositing mechanism via your author area and use the buttons on the
form.</P><P>If this has happened in the normal course of operation please
tell the $(1).
H:database_err = There's been a problem accessing the site database. Please
try again later, and contact the $(1) if the problem persists.
H:siteadmin = site administrator
H:nosel_err = You hadn't selected a paper to edit, clone, delete or deposit!
F:delete = Delete
F:delete_all = Delete All Files
H:format = Format
H:files_uploaded= Files Uploaded
F:uploadedit = Upload/Edit
F:remove = Remove
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