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From: Richard Gordon <gordonr_at_MS.UMANITOBA.CA>
Date: Sun, 18 Feb 2001 20:18:25 -0600

Dear Don,
You might want to have a look at:

Gorman, J. (2001). The end of good science? Some chemists oppose
posting research online. Others say, "Get with the program!". Science
News 159(5), 76-78.

for reactions of another community of scientists.
Yours, -Dick Gordon

>Steve Harnad has kindly added my name to the list.
>(1) I am "discussion leader" of the internet forum "bionet.journals.note"
>which also deals with matters of interest to the present group,
>including peer review reform.
>(2) My book "Tomorrow's Cures Today? How to Reform the Health Research
>System" (Harwood Academic, 2000) is dedicated to reform of the peer-review
>process (ISBN 90-5702-603-1).
>Donald Forsdyke,
>Department of Biochemistry,
>Queen's University, Kingston,
>Ontario, Canada K7L3N6

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