Survey of Users and Non-Users of Eprint Archives

From: Stevan Harnad <>
Date: Sun, 25 Feb 2001 15:53:31 +0000

I would be very grateful if you could participate in a survey we are
conducting on current users and non-users of Eprint Archives.

The purpose of the survey is to determine who is and is not using such
archives at this time, how they use them if they do, why they do not
use them if they do not, and what features they would like to have
added to them to make them more useful. (The survey is anonymous.
Revealing your identity is optional and it will be kept confidential.)

The survey consists of about web-based 72 questions, and comes in four


    1. arXiv Users

    2. arXiv Non-Users

COGNITIVE SCIENTISTS (Psychologists, Neuroscientists, Behavioral
Biologists, Computer Scientists [AI/robotics/vision/speech/learning],
Linguists, Philosophers)

    3. CogPrints Users

    4. CogPrints Non-Users

OTHER DISCIPLINES: Please use either 2. or 4.

Many thanks,

Stevan Harnad
Professor of Cognitive Science
Department of Electronics and phone: +44 23-80 592-582
             Computer Science fax: +44 23-80 592-865
University of Southampton
Highfield, Southampton
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