Top 10 reasons why print journals have a future

From: Peter Singer <peter.singer_at_UTORONTO.CA>
Date: Sat, 7 Apr 2001 07:46:52 -0400

I was recently asked by a journal to write a brief response to the
question, "Do print journals have a future?" What i came up with
follows. I realize it is a bit "over the top", and the reasons really
refer not only to print but also to open access, but i thought you might
get a chuckle out of it. It may also stimulate some further debate. All
best wishes, Peter Singer

Top 10 reasons why print journals have a future

1. To keep the post office in business

2. To keep library costs high so Universities can pay professors less

3. To allow children of journal subscribers to use their home computers

4. To let subscribers read scholarly articles in the bathroom

5. To keep paper recycling companies busy and municipal landfill sites full

6. To allow journals to devote half their budgets to printing costs so they
don’t have to use these resources to improve their editorial processes or
services to readers

7. To keep subscription fees high so readers don’t squander the money on
video-games for their children

8. To sustain traditional brand name journals so University promotion
committees can judge research by the journal in which its published rather
than the quality of the research itself

9. To limit access of the public to scientific and medical information so
they don’t question what we do

10. To perpetuate inequities in access to information between developed and
developing countries
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