New Digital Libraries Discussion Lists Service

From: Steve Griffin <sgriffin_at_NSF.GOV>
Date: Sat, 5 May 2001 21:17:54 +0100

Dear Digital Libraries Initiative and IMLS Communities:

The digital libraries research community has been rapidly expanding and
diversifying. In an effort to further assist communication within
this international community, the Digital Libraries Initiative would
like to provide a single, permanent site for relevant discussion
lists. This service is named DLI2 List and the homepage is:

The following services are offered on a list by list basis:

*subscription via email or the web
*postings and archiving
*search across disussion archives
*catalogs and links to related lists of potential interest to the
digital libraries community

We wish to begin this service immediately and hope that you will
suggest topics, volunteer to moderate a discussion and generally help
build this resource. The main tasks of moderators or listowners will
be to review all messages sent to the list prior to general posting,
and manage list membership. Moderators can consult frequently with
DLI-2 program and support staff to resolve issues that may arise.

At present, two lists are available:

1) DLI2-announce (for general postings to the DLI-2 and IMLS communities,
     moderated by agency program and support staff)

2) DIGILINE (a disscussion forum for IMLS grantees, moderated by IMLS program
               staff. DLI-2 project staff and associates are welcome to join.)

As the lists become established, we encourage everyone to contribute
information of interest such as research developments, digital
libraries projects and their accomplishments, events such as
conferences and workshops, new funding opportunities and additional
lists of potential interest.

We invite comments and suggestions. If you are currently hosting a
list we will consider archiving your list on our site, or adding a
link from our site to your list. We believe that with high levels of
interest and participation, our site will become a valuable resource
for the digital libraries and related communities.

If you have any questions about this new service, or are unsure of
what monitoring or joining lists implies in terms of
responsibilities, unwanted email, etc. please contact me directly.


Steve Griffin
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