e-Archiving Challenge

From: Wentz, Reinhard <r.wentz_at_IC.AC.UK>
Date: Thu, 24 May 2001 11:18:09 +0100

Dear Colleagues,

This week's New Scientist (26.05.01), apart from being substantially about
complementary medicine, contains a boxed article (p.53) by Stevan Harnad on
e-archiving copyrighted, peer-reviewed research findings on the Web to make
them more widely available for free to all fellow researchers. I think the
article suggests that this will improve researchers' chances to achieve
higher impact factors and better success in getting research grants and
(eventually) tenured academic posts.

I believe the reasoning behind these conclusions contains at least one major
fallacy and several sub-fallacies.

Can you spot them? I offer a book-token of 20.00 for the best suggestion.

As the article is, I believe, written with the tongue slightly in the cheek,
I don't want to appear too serious with this offer, but would like to have
the fallacies brought into the open nevertheless ...

Best wishes,


Reinhard Wentz, Dipl. Bibl.
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e-mail: r.wentz_at_ic.ac.uk

P.S. Stevan Harnad knows about this challenge and has already claimed the
prize money. So I may have to double it (20.00 to him, 20.00 to AN Other)
if I am satisfied with his explanations. If there are many contributions I
may have to appoint un-biased assessors and anonymise the entries. Oh dear!
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