Re: PostGutenberg Copyrights and Wrongs for Give-Away Research

From: Stevan Harnad <harnad_at_COGPRINTS.SOTON.AC.UK>
Date: Thu, 31 May 2001 13:54:49 +0100

Albert Henderson wrote:
> Again, in the case of the publication of preprints, since preprints are
> published before the assignment of copyright, that publication cannot be
> a violation of the ``transfer agreement,'' whatever that is.

Of course, from my point of view--and I am an editor of a scholarly
journal--this is not related to copyright infringement, but to the
Ingelfinger rule. So, many editors are taking a distance from this rule
in the sense of recognizing the rights of the author to post

On the other hand, this discussion would be over if editors continue
to recognize the authors' rights to post their articles as e-prints in
their preferred servers, and incorporate these rights in the copyright
contracts. This item is related to moral copyrights rather than to the
patrimonial side of the problem. I think this is the tendency and the
whole copyright concept will be changing in this direction.

The discussion is most enlightening. Thanks to all.

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