Eprints works! Caltech registers two new repositories in OAI!

From: Eric F. Van de Velde <evdv_at_LIBRARY.CALTECH.EDU>
Date: Thu, 14 Jun 2001 14:42:27 -0700

It is my pleasure to announce that Caltech just registered two new
repositories with the Open Archives Initiative.

CAV 2001 is the conference proceedings of the Fourth International Symposium
on Cavitation.
CSTR is a repository of technical reports of the Caltech Computer Science
Both repositories can be found at http://library.caltech.edu/digital

Beyond these two, we are also working on several other repositories: for the
Accelerated Strategic Computing Initiative, for the Control and Dynamical
Systems option, for the Environmental Engineering option, etc. We are well
under way to deposit our first Electronic Thesis.

This has been a significant teamwork:

Caltech reference librarians are actively recruiting faculty into this new
publishing venture. Once faculty sign on, librarians handle most
document-management and metadata issues. For the repositories we just
registered, this work fell primarily on Kim Douglas (Director of the Sherman
Fairchild Library and Head of Technical Information Services) and Hema
Ramachandran (Reference Librarian). However, all librarians are getting
involved as they are signing up new options.

Kim worked with Adam Cochran (Caltech's Intellectual Property Counsel) on
copyright issues. Authors who deposit material in our repositories retain
copyright, but grant a non-exclusive, royalty-free license to Caltech. (See
http://cav2001.library.caltech.edu/permission.html for details.) Of course,
Caltech makes this material available for free. (See
http://cav2001.library.caltech.edu/copyright.html for details.)

The technical aspects are taken care of by the Library Information
Technology group members Ed Sponsler and Betsy Coles. Ed focuses on Eprints
and Betsy on ETDs. Both work closely together, and both support our
librarians as they learn to conquer all the document-management issues
related to these projects.

All of the above would not have been possible without the Eprints software.
Without Eprints, we would still be in the software-development stage.
Instead, we could focus on the development of a service. We owe a great debt
to Stevan Harnad and his group for their contribution to the scholarly

--Eric F. Van de Velde.
Director of Library Information Technology
California Institute of Technology
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