Re: The True Cost of the Essentials (Implementing Peer Review)

From: Albert Henderson <chessNIC_at_COMPUSERVE.COM>
Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2001 14:31:30 -0400

on 26 Jul 2001 Stevan Harnad <> wrote:
> This is all speculative, but here are some likely factors:
> (1) Libraries won't cancel journals till their faculty say they don't
> need them any more (or that they need this less than that).

        Libraries have been cancelling "essential" journals
        since the 1980s. Using projections of ARL statistics,
        Ann Okerson and Kendon Stubbs wrote, "If the curve were
        extended even further, by 2007 ARL libraries would stop
        buying books entirely, and only purchase serials; by
        2017 they would buy nothing, and instead access
        everything." [Remembrance of things past, present ...
        and future? In Publishers Weekly. 239,34 July 27 1992
        p. 22-23] There are plenty of other observations
        that essential journals have been canceled, that
        essential monographs have not been purchased, that
        high quality collections have been downgraded ...

Albert Henderson
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