Inventory of Publishers' Copyright Policies?

From: Pauline Simpson <>
Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2001 20:48:04 +0100

In the course of canvassing for papers to put into the SOC Eprint
Archive many scientists have asked what individual publishers'
agreements do allow and whether it is worth making a summary to let
people know about the policies of the various publishers?

For exmple: current AGU policies
appear to explicitly allow authors to distribute papers or parts of
them through the institution or personal web sites. Interestingly, this
is still slightly different from the policy for g-cubed: which
seems to be even more permissive from an author's perspective.

Has the eprint community done this as an exercise yet? I realise that
publishers' policies change but has anyone done a snapshot survey and
made it available? (I would offer, but just do not have the time to
identify the copyright pages of the major publishers and aggregate them
on a web page).

I am now ready to put up the SOC Trial eprint archive and certainly the
scientists want to see evidence of their submissions. Should I be waiting
for eprints2 ?

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