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Text-e is on line since October 15th. Some eight thousand people have
visited it and opened an average of ten pages in the site. The first
text by Roger Chartier was downloaded in one of the formats on offer by
more than a thousand people, in all three languages. Around sixty
comments, sent by participants all over the world - from Moscow to San
Paolo and from London to Ottawa - made up thirteen different discussion
strings, to which was added Roger Chartier's exhaustive response,
available in the three languages of the debate. All kinds of messages
were e-mailed to us; some expressed interest in the initiative and
offered encouragement, while others were requests for help or
clarifications; others still were critical of the format, the
modalities of use or the technical tools we adopted.

In sum: this is text in all its states. In order to understand the
needs of the public, respond to technical queries, deal with issues of
organization and content and find out, on the basis! of this first
conference, about whbility of digital texts and the editorial need to
'seal' a text. We have made changes to the site in response to your
various requests: only through trial and error could we find out what
did not work. Text-e is not just the place where the symposium is
happening - it is the very object of the symposium. It is a set of
texts in various formats which at once perform and reinvent the social
and cultural event that is a symposium. It is a new object, a cultural
hybrid whose very definition is modified by each new discussion and
each new comment. All of us, here in text-e, have a new, double role:
we are the actors, as well as the spectators.

Gloria Origgi & Noga Arikha
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