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Dear Jim,

My apologies for the delay replying to your message.

As I announced recently in a separate message
&P=67394) I am very pleased to inform participants of this forum that the
CPS is now fully compliant with the Open Archives Initiative protocol.
Registration details may be viewed at

Thank you for your other questions and comments. I have responded to these

In the previous message you wrote:

> [jw]> For the "sign-posting" criterion, I agree that it is important to
> [jw]> provide authors with the ability to link to the published version.
> [snip]
> [jw]> After the first version of the preprint has been submitted, the
> [jw]> author (and only the author) is presented with three hyperlinks when
> [jw]> they access their article page: 1) Add more supplementary files;
> [jw]> 2) Revise the full text of the preprint; 3) Redirect to the
> [jw]> published article. This redirection is achieved using the LitLink
> [jw]> technology of MDL Information Systems.
> If I understand correctly, these options are not mutually-exclusive?

The author may add more supplementary files or revise the full text of the
preprint at any time during the research process. These options are indeed
not mutually exclusive. However, once access to the final version has been
redirected, authors are no longer able to revise the full-text of the
article further, or add more supplementary files.

> You then commented (re the 3rd option):
> [jw]> When users then view the article page, they are presented with a
> [jw]> "Published full text" link. When this link is accessed, LitLink
> [jw]> resolves the citation and finds from where the article may be
> [jw]> downloaded. Clearly, if this is from a publisher's website, users
> [jw]> would typically have to pay for access. However, all of the other
> [jw]> information - including the preprint meta-data and any other files
> [jw]> uploaded to the server - do of course remain completely free to
> [jw]> access on the CPS.
> So, if authors choose the 3rd option, a link to the published version is
> added to the preprint that's posted at the CPS. Am I correct to conclude
> that, when the 3rd option is chosen by an author, the original full text
> of the preprint (plus any supplementary files) can still be accessed on
> the CPS?

Yes, the original version and all supplementary files remain
fully-accessible after access to the final version has been redirected. Some
authors have also uploaded versions of the full-text article into the
supplementary files section. This could include, for example, an HTML
version of the full-text which is created in PDF format as standard.

> Can you easily measure what proportion of authors have (so far) chosen the
> 3rd option? Of those authors whose preprints that have subsequently been
> published in the peer-reviewed literature, I wonder what proportion have
> chosen the 3rd option, what proportion have added the relevant hyperlink
> into the discussion thread for their own preprint, and what proportion
> have done nothing about providing a link to the published version?

I have looked through the preprints posted to date and 11 of the 333
articles have had the access redirected. It is more difficult to judge how
many more have gone on to be published. However, I have seen a number of
author comments such as "This paper has been submitted to..." and "This
paper has now been published in... and you may also access the published
version at...". It would certainly be very interesting to investigate this

I hope that these comments have helped to answer your questions. I would of
course welcome more questions, comments or opinions on the Chemistry
Preprint Server from any participant of this forum.

Best regards,



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