Re: Copyright: Form, Content, and Prepublication Incarnations

From: Barry Mahon <mahons1_at_EIRCOM.NET>
Date: Thu, 22 Nov 2001 12:48:59 +0000

Bernard Lang wrote:
> >.... It seems that for every
> > worrier I respond to, two more worriers pop up in their place! And this
> > is still going on after 10 years and countless talks and papers and
> > discussion lists.
> welcome to the club ...
> this symptom is unfortunately quite frequent on the web, and I have
> seen it on several other lists, about other topics.
> Those people more often on the list become experts ... and they tend
> to lose contact with less present members or beginners, or grow
> impatient after repeating things too often.

Quite, one has to ask what is the purpose of a list of this nature. I
think that it is to be welcomed that "new" entrants are still arriving.
In better organised lists the moderator sends them the FAQ, assuming it
is one where basic questions/assumptions/etc. are answered.

The whole premise of this discussion, IMO, is the phenomenon of
alternative forms of scholarly publishing. It seems rational to me that
authors and others might have "worries" about the phenomenon. Surely we
want to encourage rational discussion and not put off newcomers.

Barry Mahon
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