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From: deirdre sharp <>
Date: Thu, 6 Dec 2001 12:46:34 +0000 (GMT Standard Time)


I am sending this to you rather than the DNER mailing list
at this stage. Recalling the discussions about authors
retaining their copyright in papers that they put on the
Web, and the attitude of publishers to this, it occurs to
me that we may be dealing with a related issue if we
digitise our theses and put them on an intranet. Your views
would be welcome.

There is discussion here about keeping future theses in
digital form and mounting the collection on the University
intranet. I am looking at IPR and the issue of 'prior
publication'. Our students, incidentally, are deemed to own
the IPR in their theses subject to specific agreements
where a research contract/grant is involved.

In general, does mounting on an intranet constitute
publication, and thus change the status of the thesis from
unpublished to published?

Would a journal reject a paper derived from a thesis
disseminated in this way on grounds of having already been

So far as you know, what are the attitudes of other bodies
where prior publication is a factor to such dissemination?

If you think that this is something worth airing on the
DNER list I am happy for you to use the above enquiry.

Deirdre Sharp
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