Automatic transfer from website to Eprints Archives

From: Stevan Harnad <>
Date: Sun, 24 Feb 2002 10:55:45 +0000

On Sat, 23 Feb 2002, Joseph Bogen <> wrote:

> Hi Stevan, Is there some way I can copy, in toto and in one fell swoop,
> my website with its many papers, into your archive?
> Joe Bogen <>

Hi Joe,

Chris Gutteridge is working on software to do bulk transfers
of papers from non-OAI websites to OAI-compliant Eprints Archives.
I will ask him to let you know where that feature stands.

But I have to point out one detail, and then make a provisional

It is not a website that gets transfered, just the papers. To be able
to do this, there has to be a source from which the essential metadata
(authorname, date, journalname, papertitle, etc.) for each paper can be
derived automatically.

I've looked at and what I would
suggest is that the number of papers is reasonable enough so
the fastest solution is simply to pay a student for the 2 hours'
work it would take to transfer the papers either to Cogprints or
to one of CalTech's many OAI-compliant Eprint Archives! (Fortunately,
it does not matter whether you pick the central, CogPrints option or
the distributed, CalTech option: the OAI-compliance ensures that
they will be globally interoperable and harvestable either way.)

I have done this with my own papers. It's fast, costs very little
(surely there is a deserving student who would be happy for a couple
of hours work!), and the result is that one's papers are immediately
visible and accessible, universally and in perpetuum. (As they fill,
the collective interest in the preservation of these distributed Eprint
Archives and their continuous migration with each successive upgrade
will only grow.)

As you know, I've been an admirer of your work for over 30 years.
It is now accessible through google, because you have already
self-archived it on your home website. I hope you will make it
even more visible and accessible by having it copied to an OAI-compliant
archive. (It is even conceivable that by now CalTech, perhaps the most
advanced University in self-archiving, and leading the way for the
others may already
have a service from the digital library staff, to do this sort of
transfer of proxy self-archiving for its researchers )

Best wishes,

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