Re: Association for Computer Machinery Copyright/Self-Archiving Policy

From: Richard Stallman <>
Date: Tue, 19 Mar 2002 01:43:38 -0700

            the definitive copy in ACM's Digital Library, and (4) a notice that
            the copy is posted by permission of ACM and may not
            be redistributed. (See 2.5, 2.6 regarding CoRR, and 3.2.)

This condition prohibits mirror sites, which makes it unacceptable. I
hope authors will reject this condition.

When I have published articles in ACM publications, the ACM did not
push the point (which would have resulted in my saying no)--it
accepted unlimited nonexclusive rights, which was no problem for
anyone. I urge other authors to insist on this as well.

    He mentioned to me that the CoRR initiative, described at
    and <> has been extended up to June 2002.

    In short each SIG is free to experiment and put their papers in
    electronic form in a free repository hosted here
    <>, with a perpetual free availability.

When papers are posted in this archive, do they permit mirror sites?
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