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Date: Wed, 3 Apr 2002 11:44:44 +0100

At 15:14 01/04/02 -0600, Thomas Krichel writes:
> Bernard Lang writes:
> > The one important point I read there is:
> >
> DH> "You can put your paper on your own Web site if you want. The only
> DH> thing we insist on is that if we publish your article you don't
> DH> publish it in a Springer or Wiley journal, too. In fact, I believe we
> DH> have the most liberal copyright policy available."
> >
> > Is that what the Elsevier copyright form says ?
> Yes, at least one that was common for economics journals
> a few years ago. However, as far as I am aware off,
> that policy is not posted on any Elsevier web site.
> > Furthermore, he did not say anything about putting it on another web
> > site. On an open archive managed by someone else ?
> The concept of "own" web site is a fuzzy one.

I have in my drawer a copy of copyright signed with Elsevier about 8
months ago by a researcher of my lab.

Below, part of Rights of authors :

    "Posting of a preprint version of this work on an electronic public
    server is permitted. Posting of the published article on a secure
    network (not accessible to the public) within the author's
    institution is permitted. However, posting of the published article
    on an electronic public server can only be done with Elsevier's
    written permission."

This seems more precise than is the interview. What is your feeling?

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