Re: ALPSP statement on BOAI

From: Christopher D. Green <christo_at_YORKU.CA>
Date: Sat, 20 Apr 2002 11:43:35 -0400

Sally Morris wrote:

> Publishers acknowledge that authors want to make their work as widely
> available as possible. However, we are also convinced (and the ALPSP
> research bears this out) that publishing can add considerable value (rated
> by authors and readers, not just by publishers!) over and above peer review.
> We are concerned that moves which undermine the current model for funding
> that added value before having found a sustainable alternative model may
> destroy the ability to add that value.

Destroy *YOUR* ability to add that value, perhaps. Not *THE* ability, which
could easily be held by the scholarly societies themselves (unless you're
confusing *monetary* values with *scholarly* value)

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