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I am intrigued by David's last statement - please elucidate!


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> What will prove or disprove the case is not your study, or anyone's,
> but the market. If people value the features, they will pay for them.
> And it is really that simple, assuming there are no artificial
> such as excessively rigid tenure requirements and other
> administrative interference.
> The possible responses to competition from less expensive
> suppliers are to increase value, lower costs and prices, accept a much
> smaller part of the market, or make use of anti-competitive measures.
> In this case, the alternative suppliers are
> intrinsically so much less expensive, that it seems doubtful whether you
> can increase value or lower costs enough to compete, however much I wish
> you could. But my opinion, or other peoples' opinions, regardless of how
> carefully collected, decide nothing. What they do is decisive.
> If my patrons want expensive publications, rather than less expensive
> provision of the same material, they will continue to use the many we
> have. I will determine the use by my routine measurements, and those who
> supply the funds will, as in the past, allocate the money to buy them. If
> patrons cease to want them, they will stop using them. I will similarly
> determine the lack of use, and, being responsible within my sphere for not
> wasting my institution's funds, I will not request the money to buy them.
> We all know that ongoing measurements
> already show an almost total nonuse of conventional publications, print or
> electronic, in one of the science subject areas.
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