Re: The "Guild Publishing" model

From: Lisa Spector <>
Date: Thu, 6 Jun 2002 16:23:27 -0500

(apologies for the delay in responding!)

We concur with Roy Tennant, who wrote on May 28, that pre-existing
infrastructures within universities are important. When planning and
implementing a new archive it is useful to assess what kind of
technological support is available -- also, what finacial allottment is
available, what time constraints are in place -- all good questions.

Our publishing model takes these issues into consideration and offers
flexible responses. We call our model the Guild Publishing Model (GPM).
The GPM also has quality indicators, may improve long term access,
has flexibility within each site, is compatible
with other publishing models, offers increased access and speed of
communication (as compared to the typical peer reviewed paper journal),
and, is almost always free to readers and authors!

For an in depth look at the Guild Publishing Model read:
Locally Controlled Scholarly Publishing via the Internet:
The Guild Model, by Rob Kling, Lisa Spector & Geoff Mckim (2002),
available at:

We do not believe that there is one panacea -- rather -- examining
many models allows for greater success.

Discussion and comments are welcome!

Rob Kling & Lisa Spector

Rob Kling, Professor of Information Systems and Information Science, SLIS,
Adjunct Professor of Computer Science, Indiana University at Bloomington

Lisa Spector, Research Associate, Center for Social Informatics,
SLIS, Indiana University, Bloomington
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