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From: Jim Till <till_at_UHNRES.UTORONTO.CA>
Date: Sat, 15 Jun 2002 08:05:10 -0400

A letter of mine has recently appeared in the printed version of the
June/July issue of "University Affairs" (a publication of the Association
of Universities and Colleges of Canada; it's distributed to faculty
members across Canada). My letter is in response to an article entitled
"Publishing freestyle", that appeared in the May issue of the same
publication. The original article is freely available online (via: ). Comments about the Budapest
Open Archives Initiative, and about Stevan Harnad's efforts, are included
in the original article. Here's an excerpt:

"Stevan Harnad, who holds a Canada Research Chair in perception and
language at the Université du Québec à Montréal and founded the
influential journal, Behavioral and Brain Sciences, is a huge booster of
open-access scholarly publishing. He is one of the principal signatories
of the Budapest Open Access Initiative, which has as its goal the free and
unrestricted availability of all scholarly research online."

An online version of my letter isn't available via the
website, but I've deposited an open-access copy in my personal Kepler
"archivelet". It's already been cached by the Kepler Service Provider,
and is available via:

An excerpt from my letter:

"Another intriguing example of the kind of academic research that
is currently under way in this field is the "Kepler project" of
the Digital Library Research Group at Old Dominion University
in Norfolk, Virginia (see: ). The
intent of this project is to develop digital electronic archives
for individuals ("archivelets")."

Jim Till
University of Toronto
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