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From: Roy Tennant <>
Date: Tue, 18 Jun 2002 19:27:33 +0100

On Tuesday, June 18, 2002, at 07:39 AM, David Cahill wrote:

> * Getting people to use the damn thing:) As you say, this is the main
> obstacle to setting up an archive. One thing that has struck me is the
> lack of concrete backup for all the vague assurances I've been handing
> out about increased exposure, readership, etc. The OAI is a great idea,
> but in practical terms, what good is it currently doing? I know that
> might seem a bit cynical, but other than the experimental ARC service,
> I haven't really seen any examples of the 'value-added' aspect of the
> OAI.

 From the beginning, as we have introduced our repository to our faculty
and staff, we have emphasized the point that because they would be
depositing their material in an OAI-compliant archive, it would
automatically and painlessly be discoverable from various other points
around the globe. Luckily, we were right. Within weeks (days?) of
opening our doors, we had papers appear in several locations. Here is a
specific example.

Here is the authoritative location for a paper by Robert Cooter called
"Expressive Law and Economics":

Here it is at the ARC cross archive search at Old Dominion:

Here it is at the EconPapers archive in Sweden:

Here it is in the WoPEc archive in the UK:

Formerly, we talked about the possibilities of OAI in the abstract to
our faculty. Now we can demonstrate it in reality. That, as you might
imagine, is a powerful thing.
Roy Tennant
eScholarship, California Digital Library
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