Re: ALPSP Research study on academic journal authors

From: Thomas Krichel <krichel_at_OPENLIB.ORG>
Date: Tue, 25 Jun 2002 21:59:44 -0500

  David Goodman writes

> My library has just received the two copies it ordered, and I will
> contribute a proper review to this list as soon as I've read the book
> carefully in detail. I have already noted in my preliminary reading,
> that the term in you summary below "high energy physics" should be
> replaced by "physics, mathematics, and engineering."

  Mathematicians have preprints, but economists have working papers,
  and computer scientists have tech reports. There are subtle
  differences between these genres.

> I also noted that fully half of your replies were from full
> professors or higher, which does not in my opinion fairly represent
> the population of active researchers.

  Sure much of the established peer review system protects the
  interests those at the top of the academic food chain. It should
  come as no surprise that these people run away from innovation
  like the devil from sacred water :-)


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