Re: What About the Author Self-Archiving of Books?

From: Thomas Krichel <krichel_at_OPENLIB.ORG>
Date: Tue, 16 Jul 2002 16:21:54 -0500

  Stevan Harnad writes

> On Tue, 16 Jul 2002, Thomas Krichel wrote:
> > > Not so simple.
> >
> > What do you mean? He does not give away, I do not read. Two
> > simple choices by two individuals. It has no bearing on the
> > general issues.
> Then why post it to this Forum, which is concerned with the general
> issues?

  Other lines in my message and the previous one pertained to
  general issues.

> That preference and that prerogative are as old as the hills, and have
> nothing to do with the radically new open-access possibilities opened
> up by the online medium, which pertain only to give-away goods: This
> includes all peer-reviewed articles (2 million a year, appearing in
> 20,000 journals), but it most definitely does not include all books.

  You are speaking as if there is an immutable split between
  give-away and non-giveway. That is not the case. Authors
  will have to choose between the two. It is important that
  authors be made aware on how much more their work will
  used if it is freely available. This is one aspect where the
  FOS has not done as well as it could.

> The conflation of the objective of free access to give-away digital
> content with the notion that all digital content should be free

  That is not what I have been advocating.


  Thomas Krichel
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