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At 03:24 PM 7/16/2002 +0100, Stevan Harnad wrote:
>On Tue, 16 Jul 2002, Charles Oppenheim wrote:
> > Stevan, for a major literature review I am doing, I need to refer to an
> > authoritative article on the BOAI. Ideally, I'd like a major article
> on the
> > initiative and its impact, rather than the original "call to arms" press
> > release. Are you aware of any major article that has appeared, whether in
> > print or electronic?
>Charles, there have been a number of articles in the popular press,
>and perhaps Peter Suber could tell you which is the best (rather,
>the least-worst) of these. I am not sure whether there have been any
>scholarly-journal articles on BOAI per se yet, because it is still only
>5 months old, but perhaps my BOAI colleagues will know of one.

      Here's my bibliography on the BOAI, in roughly chronological
order. I've put an asterisk beside the better pieces. Unfortunately I
don't know that any of them is the "authoritative article" you're looking
for. But I'd be happy to work with anyone planning to write one.

*Peter Suber, The Budapest Open Access Initiative (for _FOSN_, 2/14/02)

*Declan Butler, Soros Offers Access to Science Papers (for _Nature_, n.d.
but circa 2/14/02))

BioMed Central press release on BOAI (2/14/02)

SPARC and SPARC Europe press release on BOAI (2/14/02)

*ARL press release on BOAI (2/14/02)

Tamsin McMahon, Billionaire Wants Free Web-Based Academic Journals (for
_EuropeMedia.net_, 2/15/02)

Roberto Casati, Soros Project: Articoli scientifici in rete per tutti (for
_Il Sole_, 2/15/02) (link now points
to the wrong page)

*Pat Hagan, Cash boost for research access (for _The Scientist_. 2/25/02)

Sam Vaknin, Copyright and Scholarship (for _UPI_, 2/15-18/02)
Part I,
*Part II,
(Sam Vaknin interviewed me on a wide range of FOS issues. BOAI comes up in
Part II.)

*Richard Poynder, George Soros Gives $3 Million to New Open Access
Initiative (for _Information Today_, 2/18/02)

Anon., Budapest Open Access Archive Announced (for _LTWorld_, 2/20/02)

*University of Southampton press release on BOAI (2/22/02)

Charles W. Bailey, Jr., Budapest Open Access Initiative (for _Current
Cites_, 2/02)

ALPSP response to the BOAI (n.d. but circa 2/02)
--Stevan Harnad's reply to the ALPSP statement (2/17/02)

Anon., Moves Made to Give Greater Free Access to Research Results (for
_Cordis News_)
(link dead)

Denis Delbecq, L'abordage des revues scientifiques (for _Liberation_) (link

Peter Evans, Budapest Open Access Initiatives [sic] Launched (For the UK
_Serials eNews_) (link no longer points
to the right page)

*Ivan Noble, Boost for Research Paper Access (for _BBC_, 2/24/02))

*Michael Smith, Soros Backs Academic Rebels (for _UPI_,2/24/02))

Stéphane Foucart, Guerre ouverte contre le monopole des revues
scientifiques (for _Le Monde_, 2/26/02),5987,3244--263082-,00.html
(May be very good but my French isn't good enough to tell.)

*Alexander Grimwade, Open Societies Need Open Access (for _The Scientist_,

Jon Gordon, Scholarly Journals on the Net (for _Minnesota Public Radio_,
circa 2/02) [Requires RealPlayer]
(This is a radio interview of me. I'm happy with all of it except the way
it ends. Gordon closes with the remark that priced journals justify
themselves by their role in providing peer review. Period. I didn't get to
reply. So he leaves the false impression that BOAI doesn't endorse peer
review, doesn't know it costs money, or doesn't have a way to cover the
costs. To see how I would have replied, see the BOAI FAQ on these points.)

The February issue of the _ARL Bimonthly Report_ is devoted to open access
and contains articles by Mary Case, Peter Suber, and extensive excerpts
from the BOAI.

Anon., Budapest Open Access Initiative Launches (for _SPARC E-News_,
February/March, 2002)

Stephen Strauss, Napster for scientists? (For the _Globe and Mail_) (link dead)
--Stevan Harnad's correction of errors in Strauss' article (3/3/02)

*Konrad Lischka, "Der Geist, der aus der Flasche kam" (for _heise online_,

*Peter Suber, Where Does the Free Online Scholarship Movemenet Stand
Today? (For _Cortex, 4/02)

Fabrice Node-Langlois, La revolte des savants pour la libre publication
(for _Figaro_) (link dead)

Caroline Davis, Soros gift for open access to journals (for the _Times
Higher Education Supplement_) (link dead)

Stefan Krempl, E-Publishing-Revolte in der Wissenschaft (for _heise
online_, 4/28/02)

Anon., The Ghost is Out of the Bottle (for _HERO_, n.d. but circa 4/02))
(Despite the similarity in their titles, this article is not just an
English version of Lischka's German article above. Both titles refer, I
believe, to Dick Kaser's interview of Elsevier CEO, Derk Haank, in the
February _Information Today_, "Ghost in a Bottle", ).

Peter Suber, Open access to the scientific journal literature (for _Journal
of Biology_, 6/10/02)
(Not specifically on the BOAI.)

      If anyone can add to this list, or supply new links for the dead
ones, I'd appreciate it very much.

Peter Suber, Professor of Philosophy
Earlham College, Richmond, Indiana, 47374

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