Re: PostGutenberg Copyrights and Wrongs for Give-Away Research

From: Alan Story <>
Date: Mon, 22 Jul 2002 15:46:21 +0100

I am not sure that you really want to get into this terrain but....

" Moral rights" essentially do not exist in US copyright law ( except for
visual artists and in certain cirsumstances where they are not called moral
rights.); indeed, US law is essentially hostile to moral rights and was able
to force though a section of the TRIPS agreement exempting moral rights as a
requirement for national statutory protection. Moral rights are derived from
author's rights systems in Contintental Europe. They do exist in the UK by

" Moral rights" should NOT be conflated with intellectual property...and it
is no more of a transparent term. Indeed " moral rights" is a bad
translation of the French word " droits moraux", roughly personal rights.

Alan Story
Kent Law School
Canterbury UK

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On Mon, 22 Jul 2002, Fytton Rowland wrote:

> whether I transfer the IP to someone else or not, in the case of text, I
> retain the moral right to be identified as its author, and for it not to
> changed, etc.

Yes, that's my understanding too. Perhaps "moral right" is a more
transparent term than "intellectual property."

I think we need to hear from Charles Oppenheim on this...

(Also, what becomes of the moral right if a text is put in the public

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