Re: Book on future of STM publishers

From: Thomas Krichel <krichel_at_OPENLIB.ORG>
Date: Mon, 22 Jul 2002 12:05:33 -0500

  Fytton Rowland writes

> Thomas, are you suggesting that PhD students should not have to pay the
> printing and binding costs of their theses?


> That the University should print and bind the thesis for the student
> free of charge?

  Theses have been bound and printed to make them accessible and
  preserve them. If universities think that this is still necessary,
  they should do it on behalf of the student.

> Or, more sensibly, that the University should stop requiring printed
> theses and allow submission in electronic form -- on a CD-ROM, if
> they wish to avoid any subsequent changes to the thesis?

  Universities should preserve the students' works, because students
  don't have the lifespan to take on that task. This is a principle
  that should be medium-independent.


  Thomas Krichel
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