Re: Paper not accepted by a journal - still a pre-print?

From: Eberhard R. Hilf <>
Date: Tue, 6 Aug 2002 19:19:21 +0100

Of course: 'preprint' and 'unrefereed'.

Refereed means in an archive, that the paper has passed.

Otherwise it is 'sent back' and the author can do what he wants. As long
as a journal has not accepted it.

If a journal has accepted it, and their policy is not to have referees
at all, then it is 'journal article' and 'unrefereed'. I know of no
such journal.


P.S.: But be aware: in an e-archive you can have many more subtle and
precise levels of certification. And they are an advantage and make
the e-print so much more powerful than just the refereed/unrefereed,
saying nothing about the quality of the act.

So, create a field -- "certification" -- and give it a list of
possiblities, say c0 - c7.

For example:

c=0 author thinks paper should be archived

c=1 author is a professional by attached homepage showing his PhD in the
field or his prof. position in a profess. institution of the field.

c=2 a technical check has been made (formats, metadata, etc. by the

c=3 a library expert has read the paper

c=4 a loose screening has been done by an external expert of that
field (topical screening)

c=5 a thorough blind refereeing has been done by a real expert.

c=6 paper has been annotated, commented by other professionals openly.
and so forth.

Since you as an archive will store the paper right from the beginning,
you just keep changing the value of c and keep the paper.

Nothing is rejected, but the user is told what certification status the
paper has.

Yours Ebs

Further reading:

E.R.Hilf and H.-J.Waetjen:
Scientific Refereeing in a Distributed World

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