Re: Paper not accepted by a journal - still a pre-print?

From: Donald Roy Forsdyke <forsdyke_at_POST.QUEENSU.CA>
Date: Wed, 7 Aug 2002 09:08:26 -0400

At 12:47 PM 2002-08-07 +0100, you wrote:

>ERH: That is what most authors do: if not accepted by one journal, they
>send it to another, and repeat this process until it is accepted somewhere,
>going down the ladder of esteem of quality of the journals.
>[In physics we start with PRL and end with ..]

"Down the ladder" may not be the best track to follow. In the biomedical
sciences I have found on the basis of the referee's comments, that
rejection by a low "esteem" journal usually means rejection by low quality
referees. Quite often I then submit the same paper to a journal of higher
"esteem," and it gets accepted!

Donald Forsdyke
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