Re: Garfield: "Acknowledged Self-Archiving is Not Prior Publication"

From: Charles Oppenheim <C.Oppenheim_at_LBORO.AC.UK>
Date: Thu, 5 Sep 2002 08:55:11 +0100

"The law does not recognize moral ownership" may be true in a backward (in
Moral Rights terms) country like the USA, but Moral Rights are enshrined in
the law of many countries of the world.


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> >sh> i.e., the fact that it is they who wrote them and not someone else --
> >sh> is of course retained by these special authors, as by all authors.
> >sh> the texts themselves are all given away; not a penny of royalties or
> >sh> fees or other form of income from their sale/rental/lease/lending is
> >sh> received or sought by their authors.
> >sh>
> >
> > The law does not recognize "moral ownership". You are making it up.
> Call it whatever you like: It is what you are violating when you
> plagiarize. (And I'm not sure the authors of public-domain works are
> protected from it.)
> Stevan Harnad
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